What Our Customers Say

Jorin Mantei, Calgary, AB

If you loved the taste of blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers as a kid (or still do), you have to try this pre-workout! Not only is the flavour amazing, but, I have significantly more energy during my workouts with quicker recovery post workouts. Would highly recommend this product. I use the stim version for morning workouts and the non-stim version for evenings workouts, so it doesn’t impact my sleep. 10/10

Kristina Lozic, Calgary, AB

As a female who picks pre-workouts based almost exclusively on the taste and whether it feels like I have gained a perfect amount of energy before working out – this checks the boxes! It is honestly the most amazing taste ever! Also, it does not feel like you had a red bull, it feels like you are energized the right amount.

Shealyn Stewart, Vancouver, BC

Since starting my fitness journey, I have always been a fan of supplements and watching how they can elevate my performance in the gym. Unfortunately, over the years I have developed a sensitivity to pre workouts containing stimulants. When I found Stimuliv PRE’s caffeine free formula, I was so excited to try it out! I felt stronger and more focused in my workouts than ever before with no jittery side effects. The flavours are delicious and there is no bad after taste as it is formulated with all natural sweeteners. Stimuliv PRE changed my workouts, and I will be a forever customer.