Our Team

Darren Elia, Co-founder– Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Darren’s lifelong passion lies in fitness, sports, and nutrition. Darren’s vision for Stimuliv, at its core, is about improving individuals lives through fitness and whole-body health. In essence, Stimuliv’s unique approach to the supplement industry will provide our customers with the high-quality, trusted ingredients so that they can get the most out of everything they do. Darren is a small business owner and holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Calgary.  

Scott Van Bolhuis, Co-founder– Scott Van Bolhuis was born and raised in British Columbia. He grew up playing soccer and sports but found his true passion at the age of 17 when his friend convinced him to go to his local community fitness centre. Scott’s goal was simple – he wanted to improve his physique and health in the gym and 14 years later he hasn’t looked back. Since then, his life has been devoted to fitness, supplementation, nutrition, and business. Throughout his life, Scott has been obsessed with supplementation and optimizing his health and nutrition. Fitness has kept Scott grounded and disciplined throughout all his endeavors and he has an in-depth understanding of the supplement and nutrition industry. Scott holds a Degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta (Honours) and is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He enjoys working out, being outdoors, and motorsports.